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Dear Rachel,

I thought we had been over this, but it seems it bears repeating. Always, always, no matter what, always pee before Zumba class. Or yoga class. Or running. Or jumping on the trampoline. Or leaving the house.

Stay glamorous,


* * * * *

Dear children,

When I made this amazingness for dinner tonight, I thought I was the coolest person alive for making brussel sprouts delicious. Then when you all ate it too, and asked for second helpings, I became the coolest person alive or dead.

If I serve it next week and you turn up your noses, I am going to lose my shizzle. Lose.it. I know it's going to happen, but I will still lose it.

Just saying,

Chef Boyardixon

* * * * *

Dear Devlin,

You are such a sweet kid. The way you are taking care of your sisters this week has my heart all a-flutter. Why, just tonight, you gave Iris a hug at bedtime and told her you loved her - which is awesome, but normal. Then you did the same for Eve too, and I could have died of happiness.

I know you're only doing it for the check marks on your "chore" chart and the promise of chocolate in your lunchbox, but I'm hoping it becomes habit all the same.

Bribery in the name of love,

Yer Mom

* * * * *
That Guy I Married,

I love you so much. If we can replace our carpet, I am reasonably certain I can live very happily with only one kidney. How much are those things going for nowadays anyway?

Healthy as a horse,


* * * * *

To Mt. Laundry,

If you were an actual mountain, and I took a shovel to you and reduced you to level ground, you WOULDN'T COME BACK. Really, now, this is ridiculous. I would rather have an actual mountain in my house, because then at least it would be a one time thing.

And I could ski on it.



* * * * *

Dear Everybody,

It being Easter week and all, if you want to hear some music that will remind you what it's all about, try this. Don't let the German bite you! It's really beautiful stuff. In all of life's craziness, these simple words from Jesus himself, set to soul-stirring music, really helped put the focus back where I need it to be. I was able to sing it this last weekend, and it was truly an honor.

Peace be with you,

The Wizzle

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I. Love. Letters. These are awesome, especially the looming mountain of near-death.

This was great! I always enjoy your posts!! <3

Dear Rachel,
I love reading your blog. You make me laugh and cry and think. I am glad you write.

your friend,

*hey, I was gonna write a letter - and then I saw Beth beat me to it!*
oh well.

Dear Rachel,
Three things: I just might copy your love-bribe idea, The Mount Laundry really makes a bunch of sense and I was really laughing about the whole idea, and if that little comment splat could be moved to the bottom of the post, it just might be even that much more fun! ;)
Oh. And 4: I am REALLY looking forward to swapping piano progress in just under 2 months!!

Practically Practicing,