Scenes from the weekend

Posted by The Wizzle | Posted on Monday, April 30, 2012 at 9:15 PM


a.k.a. sorry I disappeared for a week and didn't say anything. I just...didn't feel like saying anything!

Eve gets new shoes, loves them more than any shoes ever were loved in the entire history of the universe up to this point. Toms has a new fan.

(Make that two new fans - avoiding Shoe Drama every day ranks extremely high on my Quality of Life rating scale).

We have bees in our backyard. I tried to look and see what they were up to, but I didn't see a hive and didn't want to get too close because, duh, BEES. But our bug man was brave and has a suit, so he went and checked things out - and I kid you not, there was TEN TIMES this much honeycomb in my compost tumbler, which is why I couldn't see it. It was insane/inspiring/life-affirming/embarrassing. 

I go and check out Smeeks, which is a cute little candy and toy shop (right next to Halo, where I went to have them check on my nose ring - kind of strange bedfellows, but hey, I went to both places so there must be a market for it!) Big Chinese-food-size box of salt water taffy for $2.50, I'm a fan. 

Devlin totally schools me at chess:

and builds extremely elaborate Lego submarines:

Little Green continues to put his tortoise body in positions from which he cannot right himself, including this one which looks quite relaxing was but actually rather distressing for him:

Iris has curly hair...

...falls asleep after LOUDLY protesting she does not require a nap...

...and steals my camera:

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No, I am not 15 years old, I am a grown woman and my blog looks like this because Blogger had the audacity to change their format and I can't make heads or tails of it.

I laughed at the turtle and at Iris's picture of you...but not at your bees. That's scary!