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So much is happening around here lately, and the longer I wait, the more overwhelming it gets to think about blogging it.

How about the short version?  And then if I ever get around to elaborating, that will just be a nice bonus?  Or a boring bonus?

The kids are wrapping up the school year.  This basically means I am feeling very lazy, and disinclined to get up early, make their lunches, and sort through the MOUNTAINS of (adorable!) keepsake papers they are bringing home.

I diagnose myself with Seasonal Affective Disorder.  It is just plain TOO HOT.  I will probably be a grouch until November.

Eve has strep throat, and is very sick for 5 days.  She misses most of last week at school.

Eve gets better.

Devlin gets sick.

Devlin gets better.

David and Devlin go camping overnight.  Dev manages to overcome his disappointment at not being able to have a campfire (stupid dry desert catching fire and ruining his fun!) and eat a s'more.

The girls have their dance recital.  It wis not as painful as it could have been, they have a ball, and I get a video of Iris's dance but my camera is full so I only get a partial recording of Eve's.  David takes some lovely photographs, which in a future life I hope I have time to sort through and edit.

David and I take the kids to Tucson to see Mary Poppins (our former voice teacher is Mrs. Brill in the national touring company!)  While we are there, we also go swimming at the hotel, eat a spectacular breakfast, and tour the last intact Cold War nuclear missile silo in the country.  It is amazing, and we now own a vintage personal-use Geiger counter.  There will be more on this later.

My in-laws' house catches on fire, burns not-all-the-way-to-the-ground-but-pretty-badly.  We alternate between deep gratitude that everyone is unharmed, and total paralysis at the thought of having every individual item removed from the house, cataloged, and cleaned/repaired/replaced.  Plus fixing, you know, all the burned parts.  It's probably going to be months, not weeks.

I just have to get through one more day of school, and then get through (enjoy?) 75 days of All The Kids Home All The Time.

Is May this nuts for everyone?  I'm not really a fan, I have to say.

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I can hardly believe it's summer! That is CRAZINESS!! Glad you made it through. Love you!!

Holy cow....and you're not overwhelmed yet? And what the heck happened with your in-law's house? That's so scary/sad/crazy. You know, we could both start a no-hair trend if our kids drive us too crazy....

Oh my goodness! I have so many thoughts running through my head from all of that! First of all, my mom and I were just discussing that May in an absolutely crazy month! So much to do! And it really is too hot! I haven't been able to get anything done, except to go to the last day of preschool party, summer birthday celebration, good-bye to kindergarten party, etc, etc etc! And with summer upon us, we also concluded at dinner that there are 75 days of summer. Will we be able to do all of the things that my girls think is required to make it an awesome summer? And lastly, I am so so sorry to hear about the Dixon's house! That is just so awful! It only adds to the craziness! Good luck with tomorrow, and hopefully then you can kick up your heels and get a chance to catch your breath!

Glad you're back and that everyone is healthy and that you had a fun trip. If you need somewhere to drop your kids off to help at the Clodhoppers house, we're available and close. I've been cringing thinking about everything they have to do there too. Craziness!