Summer Magic

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It's been a really busy summer for me and my constituents.

There's a saying on the internet that if you don't have pictures, it didn't happen - but I'm here to tell you that I have pictures of everything in my head, and that's good enough for me.

(In the unlikely event it's not enough for *you*, I will provide links to my more responsible family members who documented some of the larger events much more thoroughly.  Love those guys.)

I drove to LA with my kids to visit my sister and my nephew Jasper, for his first birthday.

We went to the beach, and I only lost my cool one time, which is amazing for me.  Take three kids who can't follow simple directions, add sand, and you've got me losing my cool.  It just happens.  But mostly it was lovely:

The drive was a little scary once or twice:

But mostly it was just delightful:

We did pretty much everything free for families in the greater LA area, including the Science Center:

Then I drove home, and literally hours later we drove (with That Guy I Married, this time) to beautiful Greer, AZ for the First (Hopefully) Annual Dixon Family Reunion.  The lameness of my photographic evidence in no way reflects the awesomeness of the reunion itself.  That can be seen here.

But, roughly, we had treats:

Did puzzles:

And prepared food in large quantities:

We have been driving a great deal, even when we are in town, because a) it's air-conditioned, b) the kids are legally strapped down and more than arm's reach from each other, and c)

Devlin has been favoring Boo Who out of his stuffed animals (twin brother to Lou Who), and he has been having all kinds of escapades along with the rest of us:

We saw Brave (a movie! in a theater!) with my mom, and Eve came in her version of "costume":

I have painted many, many a finger- and toenail (including my own, because did you hear? I stopped biting my fingernails! Yes, I am over 30.  Be nice to me.)

And we have been working very hard on remembering our simple family rules and being nice humans:

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Okay, I love all the pictures. Those family rules are simply divine. and ... that vacuum prayer was a cut-up!! :)