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Posted by The Wizzle | Posted on Tuesday, September 25, 2012 at 10:24 PM


First world problems ahoy!


When we moved into this house almost 2.5 years ago, it was with the contracted stipulation that the carpets be replaced.  The housing market being what it was, and is, that didn't happen.  We got this house, it's an incredible house for us, and we love it here.

But the carpets are, tragically, still in place, still Formerly White, and still the bane of my existence.

David bought us a fancy steam cleaner a couple of years back, so now I take out my flooring frustrations quarterly on the offending spots and stains.  But before I can get down to business and clean the carpet, I first have to make my way through the five stages of grief.

(No, I am not remotely kidding).

Denial. (They're not that bad! I just cleaned them, didn't I?)

Anger. (I should never have had to be dealing with this stupid carpet in the first place!  And white???? Seriously? Who does that?)

Bargaining. (Honey, I love you.  You're the best. Want to get some new floors?)

Depression. (Oh, crap. New floors x 2600 square feet = eleventy kajillion dollars.)

Acceptance. (Fine. FINE. Looks like my options are "clean them", or "be eaten by whatever varmints might be residing in their filthy depths").

So I cleaned them.  They are now clean.  


But I really hope, and have reason to believe, that this will be the last time I have to do it.

Because, my friends, the Dixons have big plans for our flooring.

If anyone has done this, now would be an ideal time to offer your tips and suggestions...

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The only experience I've had is with painting concrete floors, which I would NOT recommend. they are ridiculous to clean and get stained really easy. My uncle, on the other hand, had beautiful, STAINED concrete floors which were amazing. So I guess, I'm saying stain: yes. Paint : NO.

Rachel, you just need to come over to my house to really appreciate your carpet. Our dark brown, slightly shag carpet has been in place since 1976. And although it has been well-cared for, I long for the days when we can rip out every last bit of it and begin a new life with a new color of carpet! I think I would even take your white and all the dirt it clings!

PS-when we got new flooring, we called around and got some nice, free in-home estimates (Empire, Express, some other places I can't remember). It was nice to have some options. Plus we found that they can actually be talked down. I believe we got them to knock $1000 off the original quote. Good luck!!

after you've finished yours, wanna come over and do mine? Where have you been, lady? Just checking up on you, making sure you didn't die a horrendously hot, miserable death by Arizona sun this past summer. :)

Flooring plans? What what?? I know I'm just now seeing this because, well, you've gone and disappeared! Love you, girl. Keep us posted!