Chess Wizard

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So, the fact that Devlin beat me fair and square at chess (AGAIN) this afternoon means at least one - and possibly all 5 - of the following things:

1. He is pretty stinking good

2. I suck

3. I need to read some of those chess books I keep getting him from the library

4. I should play Eve more often

5. I have the most awesome kids in the world

Work Day

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I don't have a before picture, but I assure you - I LITERALLY feel 15 pounds lighter when I open the (dusty, creaky) accordion doors and gaze upon my newly organized pantry!


What did you all do on your day off?

Ferocious Jackrabbit

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Congratulations to Holly, David's youngest sibling!  She's no longer Mesa High student body president...

because she just graduated!

(A small part of me is freaking out just a little because my oldest child is halfway there.)

That's weird.

I think I need a nap.

Love you Holly!  You are one cool chick.


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So much is happening around here lately, and the longer I wait, the more overwhelming it gets to think about blogging it.

How about the short version?  And then if I ever get around to elaborating, that will just be a nice bonus?  Or a boring bonus?

The kids are wrapping up the school year.  This basically means I am feeling very lazy, and disinclined to get up early, make their lunches, and sort through the MOUNTAINS of (adorable!) keepsake papers they are bringing home.

I diagnose myself with Seasonal Affective Disorder.  It is just plain TOO HOT.  I will probably be a grouch until November.

Eve has strep throat, and is very sick for 5 days.  She misses most of last week at school.

Eve gets better.

Devlin gets sick.

Devlin gets better.

David and Devlin go camping overnight.  Dev manages to overcome his disappointment at not being able to have a campfire (stupid dry desert catching fire and ruining his fun!) and eat a s'more.

The girls have their dance recital.  It wis not as painful as it could have been, they have a ball, and I get a video of Iris's dance but my camera is full so I only get a partial recording of Eve's.  David takes some lovely photographs, which in a future life I hope I have time to sort through and edit.

David and I take the kids to Tucson to see Mary Poppins (our former voice teacher is Mrs. Brill in the national touring company!)  While we are there, we also go swimming at the hotel, eat a spectacular breakfast, and tour the last intact Cold War nuclear missile silo in the country.  It is amazing, and we now own a vintage personal-use Geiger counter.  There will be more on this later.

My in-laws' house catches on fire, burns not-all-the-way-to-the-ground-but-pretty-badly.  We alternate between deep gratitude that everyone is unharmed, and total paralysis at the thought of having every individual item removed from the house, cataloged, and cleaned/repaired/replaced.  Plus fixing, you know, all the burned parts.  It's probably going to be months, not weeks.

I just have to get through one more day of school, and then get through (enjoy?) 75 days of All The Kids Home All The Time.

Is May this nuts for everyone?  I'm not really a fan, I have to say.

Kick the Bucket

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(Eve is still sick, but at least now I know what is wrong with her.  She has strep throat!  Apparently it can also cause vomiting, and persistent lethargy and no appetite in a person who claims to have absolutely no actual throat discomfort.  Who knew?)

Anyway, since I'm stuck in Sicky Land, at least I had something to cheer me up today: I bought myself these shoes, which I have wanted since I was a teenager.  I always thought they looked so cool, and now I finally have my very own pair!

This is actually a bucket list item for me, if you can believe it.  Yes, I have shoes on my bucket list.

(Not anymore though!)

Under the Weather

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Since Sunday, my bubbly, sparkling Eve girl has looked mostly like this:

I hope she (and I!) will be back in the saddle tomorrow.


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Dear Universe,

I just thought you should know that I was driving to the library a couple of days ago, and there is actually a store called Quick Guns.  Cutting right to the chase there, aren't we my friends?  Am I the only person who feels like the world is a crazier place, knowing that out of all the adjectives a store could place in front of "guns" in their name, they went with "quick"?!

Sleeping with one eye open,

This Little Hippie

*   *   *   *   *

Dear Person Who Shall Remain Nameless
(because I am not vindictive, just incredibly annoyed),

Computers are not going away.  Telephones have been around longer than anyone living on this planet.  Homing pigeons, messages in bottles, and the Pony Express are pretty well all things of the past.  If you are 90 years old and don't want to spend your last years on earth learning to use Gmail, I give you a pass.  But if you are running a business in the 21st century, and you are expecting me to give you money, then ignoring my repeated contact requests through several different media for months (literally, MONTHS) and finally responding with a feeble "I'm really bad with phone and emails" is not the way to do it.  Stop making excuses, learn how to use your glowing rectangles, and get.over.yourself.

P.S. Since we're being so adorably old-fashioned, would you like your payment in hay bales or homespun fabric?  JUST KIDDING.

You'll thank me later,

Not Exactly a Technical Genius but Apparently Smarter Than You

*   *   *   *   *

Dear Dance Moms,

Don't take this the wrong way, but when your 5-year-old is wearing a pink recital costume with rhinestones and wings on the back onstage, and you are 35 and wearing a pink shirt with rhinestones and printed wings on the back to the grocery store, it might be time to take it down a few notches.

Don't even get me started on the sweatpants with sassy sayings on your should-know-better backside,

The Fashion Police

*   *   *   *   *

Dear Blogger,

You recently "upgraded" your publishing platform.  Trouble is, not even my husband, who is a professional computer programmer, can consistently make your website do his bidding - and as for me, well, I think the neighbors three houses in either direction know exactly how I feel about the new format.  Let's just say, things are not looking good for our continued relationship.

It's definitely you, not me,

The Wizzle

*   *   *   *   *

Beautiful Life

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The last couple of days have been pretty amazing. Just regular life, with plenty of the chaos and sniping and general mayhem that it entails - but also a generous amount of moments where I feel overwhelmed with love for my family and gratitude for a full, happy, blessed life.

We had a very, very welcome (sudden!) thunderstorm yesterday, and the kids spent all afternoon stomping in puddles and riding their bikes through the flooded streets:

After a couple of false starts, Eve even consented to allow Iris to stand under her ladybug umbrella. This is a very big deal:

The girls get their dance class photos. Iris looks, in turns, absolutely lovely and very, very three:

And Eve looks exactly like her Aunt Holly, which is altogether just fine with me:

The big kids are nearing the end of the school year, and Devlin came home today with an armful of delightful notebooks from his ELP classroom, including this lovely detailed chemistry notebook. He is especially fond of Einsteinium because it is radioactive and present int smoke detectors:

Eve comes home with a "fingerstache". I die laughing:

And she comforts Iris during the always-terrifying Cave of Wonders scenes during Aladdin:

I'll Make a Man Out of You

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And that's a promise

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Eve's classy new hair extension from McDonald's garnered not one, but two mentions in her evening prayer.

Eve: CeCe is my girlfriend at school.  But I haven't kissed her yet.

*shy smile*

Know why???

*righteous indignation*

Because we aren't allowed to kiss at school!  Isn't that just no fun?  School is no fun without kissing!

*   *   *   *   *

By the way, my girls are obsessed right now with "singalongs" (via YouTube) for their bedtime song, and their current favorite is "I'll Make a Man Out of You" from Mulan.  They sing it with a fervor and gusto that is remarkable to behold.

Tomorrow I shall record it, and post it here.

You have my word, and you won't want to miss it.


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I have been occasionally heard to say that I think, in many ways, it would have been easier for me to have my children five years apart.  It is only because the relationship between Devlin and Iris, 5 years apart almost to the day, is so sweet and special.

Please don't misunderstand me - there is plenty of screeching, pestering, annoying, sabotaging, and drama-queening, from both siblings.

But when the feces hit the rotary oscillator, these two are very much in love.

And each one of these photos basically gave me back five years of life that all the other kid nonsense has taken off.

Trees are good for children and other humans

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