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Since my kids are obsessed with skinny dipping...

I'm choosing to enjoy the break from wrangling them in and out of their suits every time someone has to pee (Iris, I'm looking at you)

relish their innocence and simple joy in the sensation of the air and the water

and, let's face it, there is sooooo much less laundry this way!


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I am thrilled that the big kids are back in school.  THRILLED.  I am actually a really good mom to one child at a time, and that's what I have for a few hours a day.  Feeling competent part of the time fortifies me for when they come home and I have to shepherd, remind, encourage, cajole, referee, and generally provide for three little wild people until bedtime.

But, although I love the structure of the school day, I am looking at first grade, fourth grade, preschool, piano lessons, dance classes, Cub Scouts, Girl Scouts, student council, wrestling, my own singing commitments, dentist appointments, eye appointments, and a partridge in a very overcrowded pear tree.

For example, next Thursday I am supposed to be at a choir rehearsal, Hale Elementary curriculum night, Eve's first Girl Scout meeting, and watching Devlin get his Wolf badge.  SIMULTANEOUSLY.

If you figure out how that one's going to work, I have a job for you as my assistant.

Just warning you, though, the pay is terrible.

Double your pleasure

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Isn't this picture just precious?

What you can't see from the photo is that Dev is in the car, reading chapter 22 of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban...

while we are all listening to Jim Dale (not pictured) read chapter 12 of the same book.

Now that is love.


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"Never start a boy in school early".

"Boys always struggle if they are the youngest in their class".

"Being smart isn't all there is to school - you have to consider social skills too".

"But if he plays football, don't you want him to have the size advantage of being older"?

(Seriously, does this child look like he will EVER play football?!)

I'm not here to discount all those people who shared their experiences with me over the (literally) years while I was trying to decide what to do with my little sensitive, nerdy boy whose birthday fell just beyond the school-year cutoff.  I appreciate them sharing their wisdom with me, and I'm sure they are, by and large, statistically, right on the money.

But I trusted my own judgment, and the opinions of his teachers, who worked with him every day, and we started him early anyway.

He's the smallest, for sure, and kind of wiggly, and has a major, terminal case of know-it-all-itis.

But my sweet scrawny, goofy, bookish fourth-grader was voted today by his classmates to the (apparently highly coveted) position of student council class representative.

And 5 years into his school career, I think I'm finally starting to relax - stop waiting for his peers to turn on him and somehow declare him undesirable, in that weird unspoken yet binding way that children have - and trust that he is finding his way, and making his name.

Whistle a Happy Tune

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The best, smartest, nicest kids in the world

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 The kids are off to their first day of school this year.

First grade.

Fourth grade.

(You will be pleased to note that Devlin, completely of his own volition, replaced the planned tie-dye shirt with this more-subdued, but still snappy option.  I confess I am relieved.)

(By the way, those are girls' skinny jeans.)

They really, really wanted to ride their bikes to school (I can't blame them - it takes a third the time of walking, and you get a nice breeze that gives a very realistic "convection oven" effect.)  Eve is still pretty uncertain on two wheels, but I followed them in the car and they made it just fine.

Now, if the rest of the day can be much less eventful than last year's first day, I will consider myself a lucky woman!


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A rainbow, and then some

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I don't want to spoil the whole surprise for you, but I'll give you a hint: Devlin's chosen first-day-of-school outfit includes, but is not limited to, the three patterns shown.

(And this is after what I deem to be a reasonable amount of guidance.)

May he be watched over, protected, and either fast enough or smart enough to evade those detractors who may not be quite as into "snappy" dressing as he is.