A Father To Daughters

Posted by The Wizzle | Posted on Tuesday, April 16, 2013 at 7:58 PM


Out of all my many things that I enjoyed about today, I think my very, very favorite would have to be:

David, reading The Little Mermaid to the girls while I cleaned up the kitchen, going totally balls-to-the-wall with what would surely be, given the opportunity, an award-winning King Triton voice.

Three lucky Dixon girls live here.

When They Grow Up

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We have been listening to Peter Pan in the car (and if you haven't already heard me gush about it elsewhere, allow me to once again evangelize Tim Curry's COMPLETELY FABULOUS reading of that charming book) so the idea of "growing up", or not, has been floating around our house a bit lately.

A few days ago, Eve and Iris were sitting in the kitchen and coloring together, as they often do. I overheard them discussing what growing up would be like, as they imagine - and I had to stop what I was doing and surreptitiously take notes.

Things The Girls Think They Will Be Able To Do When They Are Grown Up (and I quote):

Get a computer
Play grown up games whenever
Take care of kids
Go on adventures more often
Go on vacations
Stay up until 2 in the morning
Make beds
Make grown up snacks (bananas and apples mostly - not usually candy)
Just get out one thing at a time
Make bed right when they get up
Do stuff just right because they're smart

Things The Girls Think They Will Not Be Able To Do When They Are Grown Up:

Play with matches

*   *   *   *   *

Girls, I am definitely better than you at just getting out one thing at a time. (Although I didn't used to be, and I was a LOT older than you when I figured it out).

But you have many things to teach me - things I know but am so grateful to not be allowed to forget as a boring grown-up - things like snuggling, and pretending to be cats, and squirting each other with water guns.

Let's have another adventure tomorrow.

April Fool's!

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Iris walked up to my car after preschool today with her teacher.

Mrs. McClure said seriously "I'm so sorry, she's really sick" and my eyebrow furrowed...

...but Iris can't keep a secret for long, and her huge grin gave away the plan.

Well played, Mrs. McClure. You had me for a second!